Behind Bernard: The Quality of LeBlanc Woodwork

Bernard LeBlanc

"If you wisely invest in beauty it will remain with you all the days of your life" - Frank Lloyd Wright

Bernard has been working with wood all his life. He is a self-taught furniture designer/maker, wood turner and carver. He has a diverse experience from his time in building log homes, timber framing, millwork, and yacht finishing where he honed his fine joinery skills.

Bernard brings an historical perspective and training from his early work as a museum furniture curator. His education included a degree in fine arts where he developed a passion for both form and function.

Working with wood brings a connection to nature while working at his rural home on SaltSpring Island, BC.

Craftsmanship Statement

I bring a strong sense of integrity and dedication to the art and craft of cabinet making.

My hand-made woodwork is distinctively contemporary. I use a variety of traditional and modern approaches, with both hand and power tools. Particular attention is paid in choosing local, sustainable woods; matching grain and color; using traditional joinery techniques such as dovetail joints, mortise and tenon; installing high quality hardware; and applying durable finishes.

My woodworking pieces are designed and crafted to fulfill their function with beauty. I use traditional craftsmanship to create modern lines that will endure. My work honors the warmth and natural beauty of the wood in each piece.